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Everything About New Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon introduces a new tablet, Kindle Fire, to the market. In some ways this is similar to the Blackberry Playbook, but has more to offer. The Kindle Fire has a sleeker design and all Amazon content behind it. Other tablets cannot really compete with access to 18 million songs, books, applications, movies, TV shows, games, and magazines.

All content is not free, but this tablet is designed to integrate seamlessly with all Amazon content. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you have access to 10,000 streaming movies and TV shows at no additional cost.  You can use amazon fire tv channel development for business promotion.

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The Kindle Fire has a dual core processor and although it doesn't look like a Google Android tablet, the android application works very well. Don't have system requirements because it's wireless. It has a 7 inch color touch screen and all your amazon content can be stored in the cloud for free.

An attractive introductory price eaches a much wider audience than other tablets on the market. The Kindle Fire also doesn't have 3G network support, but is capable of WiFi. You can use it at WiFi hotspots where you can stream movies, TV shows and other content from the Amazon cloud.

The Kindle Fire tablet also has a web browser so you can surf the web. Amazon uses a new type of browser called Amazon Silk. It's like a traditional browser but it's faster, because it stores many of the most popular sites on the Cloud, anticipating user requests.

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