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Newly Hired Security Guards In Houston

Security companies must train newly hired guards or officers assigned to a new post. The quality of training for security officers and the way they apply themselves at the job differs vastly.

Some security companies seem to not train their security guards at all. We have hired armed guards and unarmed officers in the past and they had verifiable years of experience with a Houston security guard services.

After assigning them to a post and training them on the specifics of the location they were assigned to, we found out quickly that some elements in their skill set were lacking.

As an example, we hired an employee, who had worked as a guard with a security company for more than six years. After checking his background and references and after several interviews we hired him. We assigned him to our new hire orientation program and assigned him to security duty after about a week.

A patrol officer trained him at the apartment building about potential risk factors, past occurrences and many other specifics about the site. On the third day of service, our patrol officer arrived at the site to check in with him.

The employee reported that he had broken up a fight between two tenants about an hour ago. According to him, it was a heated altercation, but nobody got hurt. When our patrol officer pressed for specific as the exact time of the incident, names and apartment numbers of the people involved and potential witnesses the officer had not recorded that information.