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How to Prepare for Paddle Boarding during your visit to Fiji?


Paddle boarding is one of the best water-sports, it lets you remain fit as well as it is a fun activity to do. During your time in Fiji, you will be glad to know that Fiji has some of the best spots for this activity. However, this sport can be physically challenging for a few. Therefore, these are some of the tips helping you to prepare for this amazing activity.

  1. Check the Weather –For any water sport activity, checking the weather is the most important thing to do. When the weather turns bad, then the strong winds will make it difficult to enjoy this activity. Make sure you check the news and keep yourself updated.
  2. Pack the Right Gear –Before you head out for paddle boarding, there are a few important items to carry along. For instance; a sunscreen of SPF15 and above is essential for your skin. Swimwear is a must along with a waterproof watch to help you know the time. You also need to carry a waterproof camera to capture some of the best moments.
  3. Learn the Basics – Some form of training is required for paddle boarding. As a beginner, it is best to undergo some basic training such as balancing and direction paddling before hitting the waters.
  4. Don’t Stress – Paddle boarding is a physical demanding activity. As a beginner, you must never stress or else you may find yourself out of energy in just a short time. At the most, an hour is fine for beginners to do this activity.
  5. Hire a Paddle Board – You will be glad to know that there are many places in Fiji that offer paddleboards on a rental basis at a cheaper rate.

You can find many Fiji island resorts all-inclusive of many activities to save money.