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Save Your Garage From Water Damage With These Tips

Water is important for a living but it also has an insidious side. Left to simply roam anywhere, it can wreak all kinds of havoc. When it encroaches on your living space, it can be disastrous at worst and expensive at the least.

Homeowners typically pay a lot of attention to keeping water out of their main living areas in the home. Often, though, the garage buildings get overlooked when it comes to waterproofing. The older the home, the more susceptible the garage will usually be to water damage, but even new garages are at risk.

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The following tips can help you prevent water intrusion from happening in the first place, as well as minimizing garage water damage if it does occur:

Beware of walls in older garages. It’s possible that garages in older homes may be missing what would be considered critical components by today’s standards, like house wrap or plywood sheathing. Even if the rest of the home was retrofitted, the garage may have been ignored in favor of saving money.

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A more affordable option is to cover interior walls with plastic, seal cracks, ensure outside water drains away from the garage, etc. Don’t store anything in the garage that isn’t waterproof and that you couldn’t bear to part with or replace if damaged by water.

Make sure the walls are well-sealed. Fill cracks as needed. Replace components that can’t adequately be waterproofed by sealing or caulking. If the damage is already done, you can rebuild a garage easily with prefabricated garages kits.

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Keep your garage door well-maintained and rain-proofed. Regular maintenance will help keep gaps from developing between it and the surrounding walls and concrete below. Apply weather stripping/sealing to the bottom edge of the garage door to prevent seepage.

Be careful how you store items in the garage. Assume that anything and everything you put in there may come into contact with water and act accordingly. Store the items away from the floor and inside cupboards and on shelves.

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