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How Herbal Tea Works For Weight Loss

Green tea is known more than just-drinks. Although it doesn’t hurt to use it as a substitute for your regular tea, people often use it as a weight-loss supplement. Chinese and other Asians have been using it for centuries as an herbal remedy. It is known to cure headaches, depression, indigestion, and many other common ailments.

However, the most talked-about green tea property is its ability to help you lose weight. Each weight loss program focuses on increasing your calorie-burning capacity or reducing your calorie intake. Consumption of green tea helps you achieve both; therefore it works very well for your weight loss.

Herbal or organic tea (which is called ‘Th base de plantes ou bio‘ in the French language)enhances the process of fat oxidation and thermogenesis which is a scientific term for the body’s ability to burn calories. It inhibits fat absorption and regulates blood glucose levels.

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It increases your metabolism and helps you speed up the process of burning fat. While burning fat, green tea also makes sure you don’t absorb and store more fat in your body. The end result is weight loss.

It is known to suppress your appetite, therefore, you don’t feel like eating junk food. When you reduce your junk food intake, you start losing weight.

How much organic tea should we drink?

Depending on the ingredients, many manufacturers recommend 5 to 10 glasses every day. But such high doses are often counterproductive. A strong and effective mixture does not require you to drink more than 2 or 3 drinks a day. Do your research before spending your money on an unknown brand.